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  1. I believe “Fjord” is pronounced “FEE-ord”, not “FORD”. Also, Haakon the Sixth of Norway died in 1380. You probably meant Haakon VII (the Seventh).

    Hi, I’m a new listener.

    My impression so far?

    Well, your pronunciation is truly awful. I suspect you know this, because you’ve apologized in advance for it a few times. You can be excused for mangling some foreign names, but when you trip over “poliomyelitis” (understandably), falter, try again, and blow it again, one wonders why you didn’t just say “polio”? Also, why you call that big lake in Finland “LaGOda” in a past episode when it’s “LaDOga”. Stuff like that. Hope I’m not being too harsh. I just wish you’d work on pronouncing some of the tougher names and words before you sit down to record. Look some stuff up, and practice a little.

    Anyway, I only bother to mention all of this because your podcast is otherwise terrific. I hope I don’t seem ungrateful, because I definitely can appreciate the vast amount of work you no doubt have put into it, and I salute you for that. I guess the reason I’m so nitpicky in my comments above is because I think you’ve got great potential here.

    You’ve got me hooked as a listener- I’m into it seventeen episodes deep, now, and catching up. Thanks for livening up my quiet nights at work.

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