1. This was my introduction to the podcast, since then I cannot stop listening. I highly recommend this podcast!

  2. Hey Ray, new website looks great, hope you had a great Christmas and Happy New Year. I am looking forward to listening to your podcast throughout the year. You are doing a fantastic job,
    Thanks again,

  3. Hi ray – this podcast is great! Thanks.

    It’s the detail which really makes it stand out.

  4. The alleged visit of Hitler to Liverpool is a matter of contention among historians. Most, including Kershaw, assert that this never really happened. The legend of his UK sojourn was first mentioned in Bridget Hitler’s memoir written in the 1970’s. Bridgette was the Irish wife of Hitler’s older half brother Alois. Kershaw calls the memoir a total work of fiction with no basis in reality. I concur with the majority view, this visit, while intriguing, never happened.

  5. Dear Ray

    I`m surprised that you assert that hitler spent some time in liverpool.This im afraid is a complete myth and no historian gives it any credence whatsoever.Nevertheless i do enjoy your podcast as it does give a new insight into many of the main issues. I wish you well and look foreward the the remaining episodes. Neil Jenkins Swansea wales uk.

    • There are lots of articles to suggest that Hitler did live in Liverpool for a short period.

      I have read a lot of content that suggest it is true but not much suggesting it is a myth, do you have any links or books you could recommend?

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