Episode 44-Defense of the Air.

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Episode 44-Defense of the Air.

This episode covers the beginning of the RAF and Fighter Command. Air Marshal Dowding is Fighter Command’s first Commander in chief. Through trial and error, radar is developed and a detection and respond system is worked out to defend the Channel coast. The Battle of Britain, from July 20th to July 22nd. The Spitfire and Hurricane hold their own as the Luftwaffe rethinks its strategy and tactics.


  1. Another great episode, its such a great story, hard to believe sometimes this actually happened.

  2. Every episode I have listened to is superb. It’s such an interesting and interwoven story it hardly seems possible at times. These podcasts should be required listening for all students in the UK as they by far exceed anything they are studying at present and read in such an enthusiastic manner as to draw the listener in.
    Keep up the great work, looking forward to another great chapter.

  3. Great podcast. I appreciated the detailed research and attention to background.
    Two minor quibbles; i keep hearing references to “Portland” when I think what is meant is “Portsmouth”, the main base of the British Navy in Hampshire and obvioulsy a major target for Air attack.
    The second is the use of the term “Observatory” when speaking of the Royal Observer Corps.”Observatory” is a term that refers to an astronomical facility. This civil defence volunteer organization had a huge network of “observation stations” these played a major role in the battle of Britain. The Corps spotted and reported aircraft numbers and positions to fighter command, aiding the interception of raiders. The Observer corp was invaluable when radar was down.

  4. Thank you for the amazing amount of work that you put into producing this podcast for us. The amount of detail that is covered and how it is delivered is excellent and I always look forward to the next installment. The new website looks fantastic is very well put together. Great job all round!

  5. Great podcast series Ray, I really look forward to downloading each and everyone and listening to them on my long drive to work, Lincoln to London.

    These will be a legacy for all to come and I wish you all the best in being able to complete this epic undertaking.

    Good luck and best wishes, Norman

  6. Fantastic indepth podcast its so easy to forget how close Hitler was to victory in 1940! learning more each week i am still recovering from the fact the French goverment after signing the armistice then wanted to declare war on Britten SHOCKING!!!!

  7. The depth of these podcasts is amazing….Once I start listening I just cant stop..!!!

  8. A huge thank you to Mr Harris Jr – an outstanding work and thouroughly enjoyable. I agree with the comment re required listening for UK students. It worries me that we maybe losing the historical magnitude of this event within contemporary UK life. My grandparents were my direct link to WWII, but alas, with their passing, my own children only have me. I took them recently to read the War memorial in our town, and now coupled with these podcasts, I can do my bit to ensure “lest we forget”. Thank you once again.

  9. Interesting little informational nugget about why the RAF fighter pilots wore scarves. I’d never heard that one before.

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