Ray Harris appears on Paranormal Eh? Radio

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Ray Harris appears on Paranormal Eh? Radio

Ray Harris appears on the Paranormal Eh? Radio show. The episode is titled ‘The Nazi’s and the occult’.

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Episode bio:

Ray Harris from the podcast “A History of WW2″ joins us to take a look at the Nazi obsession with the occult. This is going to be a good one guys.


  1. Really great to hear Ray on a live show, gives Ray a more relaxed tone. Also hearing other people question Ray really enforces how knowledgeable he is on the subject. A really enjoyable listen.

    • I’m so happy that your pcdaost is back, I’m so excited I have missed it so much. Your pcdaost is the only one that I listen too that is for the Gluten Free people like my son. I have learned so much from your pcdaost. I can’t wait to listen to it.

  2. Interesting and nice to add a bit fun to the events of World War II. Glad Ray isn’t very into a lot of the crazier conspiracy theories!!

  3. I liked the show! And Ray is an outstanding ambassador for passing on knowledge of WWII to a new audience.

  4. Pardon my bluntness; but I feel you may become the William L. Shirer of the 21st century. Carry on my Brother of words.

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