Episode 46-A Day in the Life, July 26th-28th

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Episode 46-A Day in the Life, July 26th-28th

This episode gives a glimpse into the daily routine of Luftwaffe pilots fighting over the English Channel. The Straights of Dover are now being called Hellfire Corner from the number of sunken convoy ships. Also July 26th-28th of the Battle of Britain is covered. Dowding rests his men and their aircraft, while Luftwaffe leader Goering tries to coax the RAF fighters into the sky. Flying Ace Major Werner Moelders of the Luftwaffe returns after a being a POW of France and gets a proper welcome from the RAF.


  1. A great insight in to the Germans life during the war. Thanks Ray.


  2. Really enjoying your Podcasts whens the next one coming out?


  1. Homepage - ... [Trackback]... [...] Read More Infos here: worldwariipodcast.net/wordpress/2012/02/episode-46-the-battle-britain-july-26th-28th/ [...]...

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