Volume One: “Setting the Stage”

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Volume One: “Setting the Stage”

Volume One: “Setting the Stage”- This CD contains the first 14 episodes and covers the rise of The Nazi party, Hitler’s ascension to power, and the diplomatic intrigues that led to war in Europe. It also covers the rise of Mussolini and his first 10 years as Il Duce. It finishes with the episodes that cover the rise of the militarists in the Japanese government. Volume One is almost 9 hours.



  1. Hi Ray,loving the podcast. Is there anyway of ordering all the cd`s in one go, or do i need to do it separately.



    • Hello Ray,
      This question was asked previously, How do I buy the whole series in one buy? The way the website appears to work is I buy one vlume, pay with visa, then re-enter the store and buy the next. I would like to buy all in one transaction. What am I doing wrong?

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