Episode 47- Support Teams & The Battle, July 29th-August 1st

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Episode 47- Support Teams & The Battle, July 29th-August 1st

The brave men and women behind the RAF pilots and Fighter Command. The British people come together to defend their island: Anti-Aircraft guns, balloon barrage, BAM Fuel, Private companies working ahead of the government, the Air Transport Auxiliary and the Home Guard. The Battle of Britain is covered through August 1st, when Hitler issues Directive #17, the destruction of the RAF.


  1. I admire the British people, and I am glad Ray chose to “dedicate” an episode to them. I also wonder if any other leader other than Mr. Churchill could have brought out the best in all of them.

  2. Ray, I’ve left feedback on iTunes reviews before and thought I’d leave you my opinion here also. To overkill the story with way too much detail is totally unnecessary and takes away from events that really don’t need over complicating. WW2 is obviously a massive project for anyone to tackle, why not throw in an episode driven by your own views, staying clear of prepared notes. This is not to be critical in a negative way, it could freshen up your podcasts and engage more people. Cheers. Ian

  3. This is an old lost, but what the hell, minor correction. The IFF didn’t tell anything to the pilots. They didn’t have a screen in the fighters for the pilots to look at in the Battle of Britain. It sent the data to the ground controllers, who used it to judge friend from foe on their radar contacts. The pilots just hit a switch to turn the thing on when they got in the plane and forgot about it (unless they accidentally hit the self destruct switch and blew it up. Seriously!). They barely knew what it was.

    Oh, and the comment above this is SO very wrong. I hope none of its advice was taken.


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