Episode 48: Things Learned. August 2nd – August 7th.

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Episode 48: Things Learned. August 2nd – August 7th.

The RAF and Luftwaffe size each other up and ready for Adlertag. The war in North Africa has started and the British will have to withdraw, like Dunkirk, for now. But they know Egypt must be kept safe. But Mussolini wants his African Empire. Goering is ready for Phase Two, but the RAF is still in the fight.


  1. Is there a problem with the feed to itunes or is it something to do with your internet problem because it’s not coming up on itunes.

    Anyway thanks for the great podcast and upset I can’t make it to your tour because of having my holidays booked already. I would have loved to be the 1st to do the hitory of rome tour and the history of wwii tour. Anyway Have a good trip to are humble country.

  2. Hi Ray!

    Amazing stuff here! I already downloaded all your episodes earlier this year and will soon start listening (after I finish my current podcast endeavor – A Podcast of Ice and Fire ;).

    Keep it up!



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