Episode 50- Black Thursday, August 14-15th

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Episode 50- Black Thursday, August 14-15th

August 15th was one of the greatest days of battle in The Battle of Britain. Goering makes his plans for improved attacks against the RAF but Dowding and Park stay with their tried method. The fighting continues over the channel while Churchill has his own combat within the walls of the Commons. Meanwhile, the British position in British Somaliland grows worse.

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  1. Hello Ray, I really enjoy the podcast thanks for taking the time to do this. You keep mentioning the ME 210 taking part in the battle. I’m not sure that is correct at the ME 210 has a very limited operational usage and was quickly replaced by the ME 410. I double confirmed in my “German aircraft of WWII” book and the first pre-production aircraft was delivered the end of 1940 . Again, just a minor comment but as the ME210 was such a huge bust I always take note when it’s referenced. Thanks! Darren, Raleigh, NC

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