Episode 52-Moves on the Chessboard

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Episode 52-Moves on the Chessboard

C in C of the Luftwaffe Goering calls his young bloods to Karinhall to devise a new strategy to destroy Fighter Command. The result is a reinforced Kesselring pitted against Keith Park of 11 Group. But during a lull in the fighting, Park and his superior, Air Marshal Dowding make their own plans for defense. By August 24th, the clouds have cleared and everyone is in place for the up coming 3rd Phase of The Battle of Britain. Also included is Churchill’s speech about “The Few” on August 20, 1940.


  1. Ray,

    Thoroughly enjoying the podcast. Your depth, complexity and attention to detail is no less than addictive and after each listen, the two week wait until the next seems that much longer.

    Must confess a dramatic apathy regarding all things historical, but your podcast has inspired such a passionate interest within me, you have undoubtedly gained a fan here.

    If you find time amongst your busy schedule, I’m sure Australia would relish an opportunity to hear you conduct a lecture on the topic.

    Many Thanks,
    Aaron, Melbourne.

  2. Dear Ray

    Just to say a fantastic podcast. The narrative style draws you into the action and the interlacing with Churchill speech makes drives into work a pleasure!
    Have you read Bader’s book (the legless RAF pilot who escaped from a prison of war camp)
    He suggests that there was a real tension between those who wanted only a few fighters at a time to take on the Luftwaffe and those who wanted ‘the big wing formation’ where over 50 planes in one go would attack.

  3. Hello Ray,
    I found your podcast in i-tunes. The First time I have ever experienced WWII’s story in such a detailed chonology. This is fantastic and I thank you. I know thank you’s dont pay the bills and I will do my best to join your supporters as I am able.
    Larry Maley


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