Episode 55-Battling Friends and Foes Alike

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Episode 55-Battling Friends and Foes Alike

As tired as everyone is, Kesselring of Luftflotte Two steps up the intensity of the attacks on RAF airfields, especially those near London. And Hitler will release the Luftwaffe to attack London, as the battle is not going in Nazi Germany’s favor. Also Group Commanders Keith Park and Leigh-Mallory have their own feud over how best to defend Great Britain.

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  1. God morning Ray.
    I just wanted to say just how much I have really enjoyed your podcasts. I have listeneted to them with great interest. I have listened to them while I was in Istral and Italy and re-run the podcast for anything I may have missed on my train journey to and from work.
    I am just about to download Episode 55 and cannot wait for the next.

    Wishing you a very good day and my best regards,


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