Episode 58-Battle of Britain Day

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Episode 58-Battle of Britain Day

The Germans are convinced that Fighter Command is on its last leg. Waiting out the foul English weather, the Luftwaffe, Kesselring and Goering, finally get their chance to wipe the RAF out of the skies. But Keith Park of 11 Group will prove to be their tactical master.


  1. Ray,

    This is amazing! As an aspiring Social Studies teacher I am grateful for such a detailed and well spoken narrative of WWII history. I was hooked after 5 minutes of the first episode. I finally downloaded the remaining episodes and am so excited to listen to the recently released #58 (which I will listen tomorrow as I mow the grass). Truly great stuff that I will enjoy listening to over and over again. Keep up the good work!

    ~ Jason

  2. Love the podcast, just curious, will you make any mention that the Nazi air force would have never made it into the sky without the American standard oil company and the chemicals needed to crate jet fuel? Always a pleasure to listen to your show.

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