Episode 59-Miracles and Mistakes

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Episode 59-Miracles and Mistakes

Here is the Final Episode of The Battle of Britain series. We sum up the Luftwaffe’s chances of ever really getting across the English Channel, Dowding’s future, Chamberlain’s end and the next step in Hitler’s plan for European domination.


  1. Hi Ray,

    I would just like to let you know that although I can’t afford to donate to your podcast, I refer nearly every WWII enthusiast I know to your site.

    Also, I started my own podcast because of the work you have done and the authority you can command with your voice.

    Well done Ray. I always listen out for the ‘Greetings from Central Virginia’ call out.


    Damian Harris

  2. It was nice to hear David Crowther’s familiar voice introducing this episode! He mentioned you previously, in the introduction to one of HIS episodes, over on The History of England podcast, and that led me here, months ago.

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