Episode 60C-WWII meets China History Podcast

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Episode 60C-WWII meets China History Podcast

WARNING: The following is not a normal WWII episode. But, it is entertaining! With the kind permission of The China History Podcast, here is the 100th episode of Laszlo Montgomery’s podcast. Together, he and I talk about our podcasts, other history podcasts and our experiences over the last two years. Enjoy! You’ll laugh, we certainly did.


  1. It was nice to eavesdrop on your conversation. I listened to the whole thing. I think the collaborations you’ve done have enhanced your podcast greatly. Oh, and hey- you’re becoming epic, now! Move over, Mike Duncan! I’ve almost caught up now, so soon I guess I’ll be waiting for to pop out new episodes instead of listening in big chunks, as I’ve been doing thus far. I guess maybe I’ll flipflop between you and David Crowther’s History of England and grab the new stuff as it pops up in each place. I guess I’ll need to listen to the China History Podcast some, too, of course. It was nice to get a little glimpse of your world in this episode. You’ve made my graveyard shifts at the hotel much more pleasurable. Shoot me an email sometime- I’ve got some used WW2-related books and thought I’d see if there were any titles you might be interested in.

  2. Hi Ray,

    Thanks to your appearance on the CHP my attention was drawn to your podcast and while listening to your conversation with Laszlo Montgomery I decided to pick-up the wwii-podcast. Now I have begun listening to your podcast.

    I’ll be working through the episodes from the beginning and will let you know when I make a review on the blog.



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