Episode 88 Churchill- War Correspondent

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Episode 88 Churchill- War Correspondent

We are joined today by James Muller, professor of Political Science at the University of Alaska, Anchorage. We discuss Churchill’s 2nd book published, The River War, and Mr. Muller’s re-release of The River War’s first edition with commentary, illustrations, with all of its original text. The first edition has not been seen in over 100 years.


  1. Mr. Muller is informative and very knowledgeable! We are lucky to have a chance to hear him…and hear him we did; Ray didn’t have to ask many questions. I am intrigued by Winston’s empathetic (right word?) view of the enemy soldiers. To call them courageous must have been heresy at the time. I bet that’s why Winston’s readers wanted more; he had a voice in his writing that no one could match, and it came from more than vocabulary. It came from soul, humanity, heart. I wonder if he got that from his mother. Must have. I hope he never spoke of the Wehrmacht in similar terms.

  2. Good episode, thought I fancied Mullers book until I looked it up on Amazon.uk £85 is the best price I can find! Back to copies of the second edition I am afraid that’s ridiculous for a book.

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