Episode 90-Winston’s Revenge

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Episode 90-Winston’s Revenge

Winston, now in the House of Commons, plots his revenge against those who fought his father, Lord Randolph. Also, Churchill, goes through his own challenges as he takes on Joe Chamberlain, the PM Balfour and those abandoning Free Trade. He then crosses the gangway and becomes a Liberal.

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  1. Love your work on Winston. Do you plan on doing a podcast each of the war time leaders. I have alway been curous about The Japanese leader. I think his name was Tojo. I appolagize if I got his name wrong. To most of us the Japanese head guy seems to be a mystery overshadowed by hitler and the rest.
    I admit I do enjoy the Great War a little more than WW II. any chance on doing a Pod cast on the Keiser. I reed some were3 he was alive during WW II. Any Idea. Keep up the great job

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