Episode 100-Nazi Germany from Within

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Episode 100-Nazi Germany from Within

The following is my 100th Episode Celebration. After thanking those who have shared this journey with me, I interview Henry Niemann who grew up in Germany during the Nazi Period and was then drafted near the end of the war. Thank you to everyone who listens to my attempt at bringing this amazing story to the current generation and podcasting world.


  1. 3 cheers for Ray and his 100th!! Hey my boy Henry stole the show. Our family’s moment that we cannot retell without choking up is the day the POWs in Stalag Luft VII saw the American flag rise over Moosburg Germany. That moment, home was a lot closer. And as my father wandered around Moosberg, the Germans in that little town were just as friendly to him as the Americans were to Henry. I hope Henry reads this and knows we are forever indebted to his “cousins” in Moosberg for the night in a real bed they gave my father in 1945.

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