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One Response to “Churchill Coffee Mug Contest!”

  1. Mario Trentanelli says:

    Although I have long prided myself on my encyclopedic knowledge of WWII, having read many a tome on the subject for over 40 years since I was 12, you have nevertheless provided details which I was not familiar with, particularly regarding Benito Mussolini’s back story; thanks to you, he now makes more sense to me in terms of both his career as Il Duce, and in terms of his kinship with Hitler, as both had some thug/gangster in their respective resumes.

    In addition, I very much appreciated what you did to make Japan’s interwar (1918-1941) behavior more understandable. I never before could understand how Japan went from being a medieval Shogunate to a land-grabbing fascist state in just over 60 years: I never imagined that the generals in Manchuria would take on a “warlord” mentality, and essentially, blow their Emperor Hirohito off (albeit respectfully!).

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