Because there is no way I can possibly tell the entire story of World War II in as much detail as I would like, I wanted to offer something more: the stories behind the story of WWII. What did the Germans do with all that French wine? Who made Germany’s guns, submarines and tanks? Who invented the aircraft carrier? Who convinced the U.S. Navy to take the threat of air power seriously? What was going on in Switzerland during the war? What was life like in unoccupied France for the Americans? What different weapons were used by both sides?

Like many of you, I want to know the answers to these and other questions, too. But, because I don’t want to hold up the main story line, I want to offer an exclusive membership that covers the fascinating stories behind the battle lines and personalities that dominate the story of the conflict. So if you ever wanted to support the show, here’s a chance. Membership includes two additional membership episodes each month. My goal is to have enough members so I can focus on this full time.  That will also allow me to put out more than two regular episodes each month, in addition to the two bonus episodes for members.

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  1. Great Job Ray! I love to listen to your podcasts while I am training for my marathon races.

  2. That is a very nice job Ray. It really worth to listen and even subscribe. Even you are Allied born guy and I am not so fond of them in WWII, still your way of story telling most of the time is unbiased.

  3. Ray
    Are you covering Battles of Khalkhin Gol where Russian General Zhukov in his 1st major battle defeated any possibility of Japanese invasion of Siberia.
    Thus indirectly saving Soviet Russia from defeat – Moscow 1941
    (Siberian reinforcement)

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