Volume Two: “War is Upon Us”

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Posted On February 9, 2012

Volume Two: “War is Upon Us”- This CD contains almost seven hours of episodes that cover the start of WWII in Europe as Poland is conquered in a mere 5 weeks. With open war in Europe, Nazi Germany goes on to conquer Denmark, Norway and begin the Battle of France & the Low Countries. Special episodes- A conversation with Laszlo Montgomery, host of The China History Podcast, about The Long March and Japan’s exploits into China from 1937-1940.



Written by Paul

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Episode 303-The Battle of Mandalay

Episode 303-The Battle of Mandalay

The British led forces are retreating from Burma. But first they must get to Mandalay and across the Ava Bridge there, all the while keeping the Japanese at bay. The most Gen. Slim and Stilwell can hope for is to get out of the fighting, mostly intact.

Episode 301-The Great Retreat Begins

Episode 301-The Great Retreat Begins

It’s the beginning of the end for the Allied defense of Burma. While Gen. Slim’s men are pushed back, their Chinese Allies in the Shan States of attacked and scattered. Their only hope of survival is to head back home. Another seemingly Japanese victory.

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