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Ray Harris Jr; has a degree in history from James Madison University. I’ve been obsessed with the events and people from WWII since I first learned of them. I’ve been waiting years for someone to do a podcast on WWII and couldn’t wait any longer.

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Latest Episodes from The WWII Podcast

Episode 462-When Fighting For Your Life, You Can Never Go Too Far

Wave after wave of Romanian troops come at Odessa’s defenses. Also, squadrons of Messerschmidt’s attempt to dominate the skies above. But organization and determination tell and the invaders are held off, but for how long?

Episode 461-Odessa Prepares for it’s Fate

As 11 German and Romanian divisions, with 100 tanks and 100 airplanes come at Odessa, the people there, military and civilian, indeed, school children, prepare their city to defy the enemy. It will be a siege that will test the endurance of both sides.

Episode 460: A 2 Ep Special! Interview w/ Mike Croissant, Bombing Hitler’s Home & Defying the Odds: The Soviets versus Romania

A 2 Episode Special! First, an interview w/ Mike Croissant, author of Bombing Hitler’s Hometown. Then, before the Siege of Odessa began, a small Soviet offensive took place against Romania, which explains why the Axis right flank was so slow. But in the end, the...

Episode 459-The Siege of Odessa Begins

Focusing on the southern most part of Operation Barbarossa, we watch as the Black Sea city of Odessa stands defiant against Army Group South and the Romanians. This will cause a delay in Berlin’s plans, which will require Gen. Guderian and his panzers to come help...

Episode 458-The Trapped Soviet Soldiers at Uman

As it seems Kiev is about to fall, the panzers suddenly turn south and head for Uman. There, a massive soviet response is building, but will it be enough to save Kiev, Uman and stop the Axis Forces from crossing the River Bug?

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