1. Joe Kundlak

    Hi Ray,

    wrote this also as a comment to episode 137, but sending to you as well.

    Continuing to listen to your wonderful podcast and getting up to speed finally! Just listened to Ep. 137 and one thing I wanted to correct – you mentioned T-34 as having a 150mm gun (by mentioning it after KV-1 and KV-2 and then saying something like “the latter had a 150mm gun” and “the gun was heavier than many of the german tanks themselves”).

    Maybe you meant the KV-2 and it just felt like you were speaking about T-34.

    And also, the KV-2 gun itself was not THAT heavy, maybe you meant the turret with the gun together…

    But these are nitpicks! Keep up the good work!

    Joe Kundlak from Slovakia

  2. Stephen Woodland

    In your treatment of Leningrad you need to do an episode on the symphony written and performed by people trapped in the city. It is a fantastic story. Happy to help you get the episode together.

  3. Stephen Woodland

    Hi ray, just following up re McArthur and defense of Australia. The so calledplan was to cede to the Japanese a line roughly starting at Brisbane – which was a line of defence rather than retreat. This was later proved to be “fake news” – a term you sad arsed bastards are familiar with!! You also need to research kakoda track as part of your research.i recently had the pleasure of meeting the last surviving Papuan porters!! I also use the rail station where McArthur made his famous speech in Melbourne – the station is largely as it was then – may have been painted but couldn’t guarantee it !! Flinders st station


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