Podcast Episodes

Episode 145-The Siege of Leningrad Part 2

Leeb, commander of Army Group North launches his last major assault before having to turn over most of his motorized units to Army Group Center, as it readies itself for an attack on Moscow.

Episode 144-The Siege of Leningrad Part 1

The Germans come ever closer to Leningrad, so Stalin sends his best general to cope, Zhukov.

Episode 143-The Road to Moscow

Army Group Center makes its way East, past Minsk and now on to Smolensk. But waiting for them is the largest Soviet counter attack, to date. Meanwhile, Army Group North is ready to attack Leningrad.

Episode 140-Of Two Minds

Marshal Mannerheim of Finland agrees to attack towards Leningrad and around Lake Ladoga, but not...

Episode 7-Japan expands into China.

Episode 7-Japan expands into China.

Japan continues to expand their operations into China and find themselves facing Chairman Mao, backed by the Soviet Union and Chiang Kai Shek.

Episode 6-Japan, 1853-1936.

Episode 6-Japan, 1853-1936.

Japan is opened up to western ways, but the government loses control of the military. Covers from 1853 to 1936.